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ProcureTechStaff a PNC Capital LLC firm is an IT consulting and business consulting firm. We are focused on providing highly specialized Human Capital Consulting, Contingent Workforce Management Solutions, Corporate Restructuring and Staffing Process Re-Engineering services.

We are defined by our relentless pursuit of Excellence globally. From large corporations to small/niche staffing agencies, we aspires to provide robust and scalable solutions that enhance the quality of Human Capital Procurement.

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"It was a pleasure to work with Imran. He is very dedicated and professional. He worked very hard to satisfy our requirements and the communication was great."

"Very satisfied with WORK quality . Great communication and all work was done before specified deadline."

"Highly recommended! It's a great team to satisfy all your needs. They are always available, reliable and they all work hard to complete your requests."

I am very happy with the service and I would have no problem recommending you to anyone who need this services.

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