Procuretechstaff Consulting Services Named Top Emerging Businesses in the U.S. Ranked #754- 2017

Chicago, IL May 17, 2017 – OMNIKAL, the nation’s largest, inclusive business organization, built to empower all entrepreneurs, has recently acknowledged Procuretechstaff Consulting Services as one of the Nation’s “Top Businesses” for 2017. This exclusive ranking is a reflection of Procuretechstaff Consulting Services’ overall vision, leadership and economic accomplishments in moving our economy forward. The award, known as the Omni500, represents the most unique class of companies who have earned the distinction of fostering a culture of sustainable growth among the communities they serve.
2017 marks OMNIKAL’S 17th annual listing of the Nation’s top businesses. Over 2 million businesses participated in this year’s program. The “Top Businesses” are determined by a selection committee which evaluates the eligibility for all submissions in each award categories. The selection committee bases their decision on a set of criteria which includes: reviewing each entrant’s business profile, website and gross annual sales submitted. The businesses selected on these lists have become highly coveted among corporations, government agencies and educational institutions who desire to increase opportunities with privately-held businesses.

“We are very proud to continue to support men and women who have become the core of our nation’s innovation, productivity and growth”, says Kenton Clarke, President & CEO of OMNIKAL. He goes on to add, “I am very optimistic about our future. Primarily as this distinct group of entrepreneurs continue to produce immeasurable results and serve as a prime example for current and generations to come.”
The winning companies will be honored during a special awards ceremony at OMNIKAL’s “17th Annual National Business Summit”, taking place May 18, 2017 at The Harvard Club in New York City, New York.

“Procuretechstaff Consulting Services – Simplifying IT Consulting globally”

The List
The “Top American Businesses Lists” offers the most comprehensive look at the strongest and largest segment of the United States economy – America’s privately-held companies. These middle market companies are the most recognized and respected, having truly differentiated themselves in our ever-evolving inclusive marketplace. “Top businesses that make The OMNI500 Lists receive significant media exposure both locally and nationally, with over 20 million who view and use the lists every year.

“Procuretechstaff Consulting Services – Your local partner with a global presence”

For the complete list of winning companies, please visit:
About Procuretechstaff Consulting Services
At ProcureTechStaff Consulting, we simply believe that success is a derivative of “QUALITY”. To ensure the best quality for our customers, we develop and deploy an effective ground strategy that best meets client objectives. Our robust workforce solutions and consulting services guarantee constant improvement and long lasting success.
Since 1999, OMNIKAL (formerly is recognized as the “Gold Standard of excellence in diversity and inclusion.” OMNIKAL is the nation’s largest inclusive business organization representing the voice of over 2,000,000 business owners, made up of a wide variety of America’s top organizations. Built to empower all entrepreneurs through a powerful social B2B platform that fuels real growth & success for all businesses. The OMNIKAL mission and goal is to equalize, broaden and level the playing field for both brands and an increasingly varied vendor/supplier marketplace.
For additional information, please contact:
Marie Nastro
Procuretechstaff Consulting Services
773-309-4474 or

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